Langton Creative Group shares 5 reasons to rebrand now!

Is it time to rebrand your organization?

Do you find yourself constantly explaining what your logo stands for? Or, worse, do you find yourself apologizing for your brand?

When we started working with the Internet Fund their logo was a ligature of “IF.” The last thing they wanted to tell prospective investors was that they were an “iffy” investment. Children’s Aid Society needed to remind supporters that they are still a leading force in combating childhood poverty in NYC. So, they dropped the “Society” part of their name and rebranded with a more youthful and colorful symbol that reflects an active organization that is vital and relevant today. When your name or logo is working against you, it’s time for a brand make-over.

5 reasons to rebrand now

1. Ineffective Logo. How well does your name and image support your company’s mission? Organizations must change and evolve and sometimes that cool logo from the 80s no longer pulls its weight. Are you defending your logo just because it’s old? We often hear about how an old logo has equity with clients. But just because it is recognizable as your logo, doesn’t mean that this is how you should be known. What impression is the logo making on your behalf? Is it classic, or just old-fashioned? One healthcare client had an old logo with bad typography that was difficult to reproduce. But the CEO loved his logo and told me that the old company logo wasn’t going anywhere, “I expect that to be on my gravestone,” he told us. And that’s exactly where it should be.

Founder of New York branding design firm Langton Creative Group, co-author of Visual Marketing, and adjunct professor at Hostos College/CUNY.