It’s still the same old story…so why are the headlines different?

Every Sunday I settle into a comfy chair and read the New York Times — in print. I snap open my favorite section (The Week in Review) and read and pontificate to my wife who sits across the room doing her Sunday Times reading on her iPhone. We frequently discuss…

Here’s how two clients used the pandemic as their reset button.

It’s time to build a communication plan that tells your supporters who you intend to be going forward.

After a year of remote work, limited interactions, and lots of time for reflection, it’s time to decide who you really are. Now is the time to seize the moment by reintroducing yourself to your public. …

Create a rallying cry that resonates with your supporters and engages new audiences.

Client: “I’ve got hundreds of photos for you!”

Designer: “Thanks, but I need six. Six good photos that reflect six values of your organization.”

Clients often have a wealth of material but have not really examined the wealth in their material. Taking a hard look at what your content and…

What’s missing when we plan for our future.

Is the actual future going to be anything like we expect?

My wife and I started streaming the old tv series, Battlestar Galactica — which is supposed to take place in the distant future, but like most sci-fi shows reflects the times (2004–2009) in which it was made. It’s a thrilling adventure story…

How are you preparing for 2021? Here are 7 tips to position your brand for this year and beyond.

Good communication strategies evolve over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it did start one day at a time.

To position your organization for 2021 and beyond, consider our tips:

1. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Abraham Lincoln popularized this phrase to evoke the idea that great…

Consider the design of the whole customer experience.

Designing for a better world is not just about good intentions, it’s about finding out how to make the customer experience more enjoyable, useful and productive.

I was stuck in a long queue of cars trying to get into a mall parking garage so I could take my son to get a COVID-19 test. We were waiting while cars cut each other off trying to get in and out of the garage by the same entrance…

Improv comedians can teach us how to prepare for the unexpected.

How do you think ahead in a pandemic?

What does a business forecast look like when most of your clients are closed or working part-time? It’s time to listen to improv comedians who do this all the time.

Lessons from Improv

In a time when planning with any certainty is off the table, perhaps we could learn from people who are…

A simple logo “refresh” can modernize your brand while maintaining a connection to your heritage.

Change is difficult because people believe they will lose something of value. There is comfort in keeping things the way they are. Teachers notice that even when they do not assign seats, students tend to return to the same place each class. I like to remind clients embarking on a…

8 steps for communications leaders to navigate the internal approval process

Navigating the approval process can make or break your success in communicating.

What does it take to run a successful communication project? You can ensure the success of a project by establishing a productive protocol for reviews and approvals. Written content is just as important as the visuals in communication design…

The 111-year old Jewish nonprofit that my Jewish friends have never heard of.

I had never heard of Bnai Zion Foundation but I was sure that my friends who are active in their local temples would be aware of this organization that has funded over 1,000 buildings and projects in…

David Langton

Founder of New York branding design firm Langton Creative Group, co-author of Visual Marketing, and adjunct professor at Hostos College/CUNY.

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